Burn Mark

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

This supernatural thriller is set in an alternate modern day London in which witchcraft exists, but those who have 'the fae' have become a mistrusted, persecuted underclass, whose powers are tightly controlled and regulated by the British Inquisition. But growing up in an East End coven, out of the reach of the law, Glory Starling can't wait to develop her powers. The last in a line of infamous witches, the fae is her destiny and when it finally arrives, she's determined to use it to make sure that her coven is one to respect and fear again - whatever it takes.

Meanwhile, Lucas Stearne is growing up in a very different world. The only son of High Inquisitor Ashton Stearne, he is wealthy, privileged and ambitious, with the single aim of one day becoming a Witchfinder like his father and generations of Stearnes before him. When he discovers the mark of a witch on himself, his whole life dramatically changes, but it's not long before he and Glory are unexpectedly thrown together, and with conspiracy and betrayal on all sides, find themselves working to uncover who is behind a spate of dangerous 'witch-crimes'.

Packed with adventure and suspense, Burn Mark makes for an exciting read. Both Lucas and Glory, are well-rounded characters, and their uneasy relationship is sensitively drawn. What's more although this is a supernatural fantasy set in an alternate universe, it's also thought-provoking about contemporary society,  touching on issues such as class, power and politics to gang culture, and the way we treat those who are different.

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