Bunnies in a Boat

Publisher: Walker Books

A bunch of mischievous bunnies cause havoc in Sunny Town when they rent a speedboat and take to the high seas. As they recklessly race around the bay, they topple a pyramid of water-skiing hippos, demolish the tiger cubs’ spectacular sandcastle and hurtle through the jetty restaurant, emerging covered in spaghetti. The sassy rabbits are oblivious to the mayhem they are causing as they zip across the waves, leaving a trail of carrots and chaos in their wake.

Colourful illustrations brim with hilarious details, providing multiple visual narratives for readers to enjoy, such as a pair of pirate crustaceans searching for lost treasure and a startled gorilla who clings desperately to his inflatable banana. Nautical sheep, greedy seagulls and a hedgehog lifeguard are among the comical cast of animal characters. 

The rhyming text creates pace and is wonderful to read aloud, while children will love to join in with the repetitive phrases throughout the tale. With so much to explore on every page, this hugely entertaining picture book is sure to become a firm favourite and is a follow-up to Bunnies on the Bus.

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