Publisher: Alison Green Books

Superworm is a hero with a difference. Super-long and super-strong, he's always on hand to help out all the other animals and insects - whether he's saving baby toad from an accident, rescuing beetle from falling down a well, or even good-naturedly offering himself up as a skipping rope for some bored bees. But when the wicked Wizard Lizard hears about Superworm's popularity, he sends his grim servant crow to kidnap Superworm, and uses his magic flower to enslave our brave hero. Realising that their friend and helper is in trouble, the other creatures set about coming up with a daring plan to set him free.

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler collaborate once again on this entertaining story about an unlikely superhero, which is certain to charm young readers. As always, Scheffler's creatures are brilliantly characterised, with our dynamic hero Superworm being especially appealing, and villains Lizard and Crow looking suitably sinister. Donaldson's lively rhyming text is full of humour and is enormous fun to read aloud.

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