Break the Mould

Publisher: Wren & Rook

How can children learn to embrace their own individuality and accept others’ differences? How we can find our place in the world and also help make it the world we would want it to be? How can a child find their own voice, feeling confident they can say the right thing and in the right way? This attractive guide encourages a young person to explore such questions, offering invaluable nuggets of advice in a bright, empowering and thoroughly accessible way. 

The author - a teacher and activist - has a natural flair for writing in a way that is quietly revolutionary, as she instils total confidence that change really is possible. Her lived experience of disability adds further weight to the messages, as she backs up her words with evidence from her own life. Sections of the book are interspersed with examples of ‘unsung heroes’ who have achieved great things, adding a further stratum of inspiration and affirmation.

This is a book with so much to offer (for the reader, those around them and the community at large) and which succeeds in being positive and inspiring whilst not earnest or patronising. Enormously inclusive, it will be relevant to any child – indeed any adult too - as it encourages us to consider the role we can all play in challenging inequality and standing up for what is right.  

Deceptively simple, this is a book to give and a book to treasure.

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