Brave Little Bear

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Arlo the bear cub loves snuggling in his warm, cosy cave with his sister Eva and their mother. As winter draws to an end, the family leave their mountainside den to set up a new home in Spring Valley.

Eva loves adventure, so is excited about what lies ahead. However, Arlo likes it when everything feels familiar, so is apprehensive about leaving the only home he has ever known. 

As they embark on their journey across the mountain, they are caught in a raging snowstorm. While Arlo stays close to Mum, Eva bounds on ahead and soon becomes lost. Can Arlo put his fears aside and find his sister? 

Atmospheric illustrations in gentle tones will help young children to visualise the setting and interpret the characters’ emotions, from Eva’s wide-eyed excitement as she discovers new things, to Arlo’s trepidation as he faces his fears. A series of vignettes chart the bear cubs’ treacherous journey through the blizzard, creating pace and drama.

This heartwarming story beautifully conveys the message that being brave when you feel scared takes the most courage of all.

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