Albert’s Tree

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Publisher: Walker Books

After hibernating all winter, Albert the bear wakes up and gleefully rushes to his favourite tree, which is perfect in every way. However, as he settles himself onto one of the branches, the tree begins to cry. Greatly concerned that his tree is sad, Albert tries to cheer it up. Rabbit recommends digging holes for it to play in, while Caribou suggests they give it grass to eat - but nothing seems to work.

In desperation, Albert climbs up and gives the tree an affectionate bear hug, gently asking why it is crying - and to his surprise, he gets a response.  

This delightful picture book about caring for those you love demonstrates that friendship can be found in the most unusual places. The gorgeous, atmospheric illustrations transport the reader to the heart of the forest, and the endpapers give an illustrative extension to this heat-warming tale.

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