Books Make Good Pets

Publisher: Orchard Books

A book can really take you anywhere - and in this particular book, we are taken on a wonderful imaginative journey to show how fantastic and powerful books are. They can accompany us through life and ‘burrow their way through the dusty reaches of our mind to nibble at old ideas and let in the new.’ Turn the pages and you could be diving with mermaids or snoozing with a dragon. In many ways, a book is the perfect pet!

John Agard’s lyrical story begs to be read out loud and Momoko Abe’s beautiful illustrations tell their own wonderful detailed stories about all the places books take us beyond the words. The little animated books in the illustrations, complete with arms and legs, do indeed look like adorable animals. With just a pinch of imagination, children can find out that books can be their pets, their best friends or anything they want them to be - and they are so easy to have around! A charming and imaginative book about books to be enjoyed by all.    

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