Book Hospital

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

It’s tough being a book sometimes – there you are, telling brilliant stories full of genius pictures, and then someone scribbles on you, sticks the pages together with yoghurt, chews you or tears your last page out altogether! What a palaver.

Fortunately, the Books Hospital is a place that can repair all the broken books and make them readable again, just in time for story time. Hurrah!

Leigh Hodgkinson’s delightful picture book about the very real perils of being a much loved and re-read book is both hilarious and adorable. Acknowledging that books don’t have to be kept perfect, and very rarely stay pristine if they’re loved, this homage to the joy of reading reminds us that we should still care for our books as much as we’re able – and, in return, they’ll take us on some marvellous adventures.

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