Boo Boo Baby and the Giraffe

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Publisher: Picture Corgi

Boo Boo Baby is looking at the animal characters on his cot mobile as he drifts off to sleep. All at once, a giraffe comes along and says 'Hello!' Boo Boo says 'Goo!' and the giraffe takes him for a wild ride.

Next, Boo Boo meets an ostrich and then a zebra. He greets each with a different noise and their running legs make different sounds. Finally, he lands on the back of a rhino that roars loudly. Boo Boo is frightened and cries, but his new found animal friends soon comfort him, and the giraffe takes him home to bed.

This gentle, reassuring bedtime book is ideal for exploring simple sounds and rhythms with babies and children. Children will enjoy the lively animal characters and listening to all the different sounds that Boo Boo and his friends can make.

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