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Eve lives in a village in the shadow of an enchanted forest and a menacing castle, home to the mythical villain Bluebeard. Her childhood isn't easy but it's full of happiness, and she loves to spend the days with her sister and her best friend Tom. But everything changes the summer she turns 18 - she finds herself being forced to marry the fearsome Bluebeard himself. Can she resist the temptation to unlock the door to the mysterious final room of Bluebeard's castle?

This graphic novelisation of the Bluebeard story is wonderfully realised. The illustrations are beautifully drawn, starting with a dreamlike strange pinky, purple hue which leads to the feeling of growing menace as the colours get darker and richer. The Bluebeard fairy tale can be told very quickly, and sometimes as a horror story, but this version will work for non-squeamish children over 8. The ending isn’t as gory as it could be - but be warned that there’s death, murder and blood here too (however not so much more than a darker Disney film)!

Unlike some versions of the tale, this one has a satisfying feminist twist too. This is a great book to get lost in and will suit reluctant readers - it may even be a gateway to other graphic novels too, which is a fantastic habit for children to get into reading for pleasure.

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