Curse of the Chosen: Volume 1

A Matter of Life and Death & A Game Without Rules

Publisher: Nobrow

The chief of the tribe is dying and has no heir. To decide the rulership of the kingdom after her death, the chief calls fifty warriors to her bedside and sends them on a quest. The warriors are transported to the edges of the kingdom and must make it back before dawn. However, the involvement of the evil sorceress Niope ensures that those who fail meet a terrible fate.

For the second part of the challenge, Niope divides the remaining warriors into two groups. As the teams challenge each other to various strange, magical tasks, the opposing sides find increasingly clever ways to evade capture and defeat. Known for younger children's picture books such as Beegu and Croc and Bird, Alexis Deacon has created a compelling and mythical tale for older readers that can also sit proudly in any adult's graphic novel collection. The illustration is distinctive and unusual, and the story is compelling, mythical and exciting. Ideal for fantasy fans looking for something a bit different.

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