Publisher: Nobrow

The chief of her tribe is dying, and has no heir. To decide the rulership of her kingdom after her death, she calls fifty warriors to her bedside to send them on a quest: they will be transported to the edges of the kingdom, and have to make it back before dawn. The stakes are high, as only one warrior will survive to become chief in her place. Among the many notable philosophers, fighters and important people in the room, there is a teen girl of little account who is wondering why she's been called to the chief's bedside in the middle of the night; and as the adventure unfolds, the girl starts to realise the true nature of a geis - a curse that can also be a blessing.

Known for younger children's picture books such as Beegu and Croc and Bird, Alexis Deacon has created a compelling and mythical tale for older readers that can also sit proudly in any adult's graphic novel collection. The illustration is distinctive and unusual, as well as being produced in a lovely hardback, and the story is compelling, mythical and exciting. Ideal for fantasy fans looking for something a bit different.

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