Blue Monster Wants It All

Publisher: Little Tiger

Blue Monster loves new things. As a baby, he demands a new pram, and won’t stop screaming until he gets one. When he is bored with his old teddy, his parents produce a baby sister for him to play with, but he quickly tires of her too. Rejecting his family, he takes all the money his granny gave him and ventures out into the world to buy anything and everything he wants: a smart new hat; a shiny red racing car; even a spectacular golden palace, complete with funfair and circus. However, with each new purchase, his excitement fades ever more quickly, to be replaced by dissatisfaction and loneliness.

Young readers will secretly delight in Blue Monster’s bad behaviour and will recognise the underlying message that family and friendship are ultimately far more fulfilling than material possessions.

The lively illustrations, rendered in paint and crayon, are wonderfully expressive and contain plenty of humour. Children will pore over the detail, such as the monster-shaped skyscrapers and the amusingly exasperated rabbits who feature throughout, and the colourful exuberance on the final page will thrill them. This endearing picture book is sure to become a firm favourite with little monsters everywhere.

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