Black Brother, Black Brother

Publisher: Orion

Since day one at predominantly white Middlefield Prep, school bully Alan has labelled Donte 'Black Brother'. And thanks to Alan, Donte is in front of the headmaster for something he didn't do (again). It's bad enough the headmaster doesn't listen and just assumes Donte is guilty (yet again). But now he's called the police and Donte is being taken away in handcuffs – just for dropping his bag on the floor in frustration.

As regional champion and captain of the fencing team, Alan is the star of the school. Being arrested makes Donte question himself and his integrity, and he's determined to show Alan he has an equal right to be at the school: by taking him on at fencing. But Donte has never been much into sports – and what will people think of a black fencer?

This is a compelling story of self-discovery with a brilliant sports-related plotline. As Donte fights against the systemic racism surrounding him, fencing opens up a whole new world. It enables him to fight the bullies using his mind rather than his fists, but also provides a sense of excellence, accomplishment and belonging.

Written in short, powerful sentences with lots of white space on the page, it's also a great book for struggling readers.

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