Black Brother, Black Brother

Publisher: Orion

Donte is always blamed unfairly, while his white-passing brother Trey gets praised. His family have enough money for both brothers to go to private school, but racism doesn’t care where you go to school. Donte knows that people make assumptions about him because he is Black. Fencing gives him a way to harness his anger and defeat the bullies using his mind, not his fists.

Written in short, powerful sentences and structured around fencing vocabulary, this is a unique, unforgettable novel with plenty of pointers for further reading and learning. Donte and Trey are part of a loving dual ethnicity family, whose strength pulls them together.

Since this book is set in the USA, much of the vocabulary around education and law will be unfamiliar to British children and may lack relevance, although the issues around racism will not. 

Readers looking for a simpler, shorter story on similar themes to The Hate U Give will enjoy this book, as will anyone with an interest in literary sport-focused fiction, such as Keeper.

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