Bite Risk

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Once a month, when there’s a full moon, the adults of Tremorglade transform into vicious werewolves, known as Rippers. The children of the town are their Caretakers and are responsible for locking the Rippers in secure cages, laying perimeter explosives and setting tripwires to guard against any escapes. Once the Rippers have returned to their human form the following morning, they are released. This arrangement usually works well, but Sel and his best friend Elena are concerned when a series of escapes puts the whole town at risk.         

Meanwhile, Sel discovers a small drone, tangled in the branches of a tree outside his house. According to Pedro, Elena’s tech-savvy brother, the drone emits infrasound, which is inaudible to humans but can affect some creatures – including werewolves. As they investigate, Pedro mysteriously disappears, and Sel and Elena worry that they will be silenced before they can uncover the truth.

This gripping teenage horror contains just the right balance of gore, tension and humour, and sits perfectly between middle grade fiction and young adult novels. With a pacey, intriguing plot and a convincing cast of characters, this dystopian page-turner will have readers on the edge of their seats.


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