Bilal’s Brilliant Bee

Publisher: Andersen Press

Have you ever had that feeling of going totally blank? Of being asked a question which you know you should know, but you just don't? Bilal does - and it's getting a bit embarrassing…

But, one night, just before his latest test at school, a miracle buzzes in the window: Bumble the brilliant bee. He can answer any question - any question at all!

Will he be able to help Bilal answer questions like: 'What did Roman Soldiers wear under their little leather skirts?' And can they win the worldwide TV quiz show, What's What? Win the Lot!

Typical of former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen, this book is funny, sly and gloriously accompanied by Tony Ross' instantly recognisable bold illustrations. The story shows that the joy of inventing is just as valuable as knowing all the facts in the world.

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