Uncle Gobb and the Dread Shed

Publisher: Bloomsbury


Uncle Gobb lives with Malcom and his Mum, Tess, and polishes his head in the bathroom (why? wonders Malcolm). He thinks Malcolm is a disrespectful little weasel, who should do more homework, and threatens him with the Dread Shed. Malcolm and his friend Crackersnacker aren't keen on working at home; they spend enough time working at school filling in the gaps Mr Keenly's endless worksheets….

But why does it say Gobb Education on each sheet? Are weasels disrespectful? And why does a Genie appear when Malcolm rubs his nose? What is the Dread Shed? And how will they stop Uncle Gobb seizing control of everyone's minds ….?

Defiantly playing with language and narrative conventions, this very silly, bonkers story is itself a joyful rebellion against systematised schemes of learning.

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