Between the Lives

Publisher: Orchard Books

Sabine does not have a regular life, instead she has two highly irregular ones. For 24 hours she lives in a mansion, with stunning clothes, a fancy car, obnoxious brothers, straight A grades, and seemingly perfect boyfriend. Then at midnight she 'shifts' and re-lives the day as  Sabine number two, the rebellious daughter of over-worked pharmacy managers, in a small apartment with her adorable younger sister.

This has been happening since she was born and by the time she realised no-one else lived this way she knew talking about it could land her in a psychiatric hospital. It is only when she breaks her arm in one world and it does not carry through to the other that Sabine sees a possible way out of her exhausting, tumultuous existence. Maybe if she dies in one world she can be free in the other? Just when she thinks she has the answer she meets Ethan, and suddenly she has to choose between the perfect life or the perfect love.

This is one of the most original YA books in a long time. It is gripping and exceptionally well-written with fantastic characters and an exciting plot. Once finished you will be torn between re-reading it and passing it on to someone else so you can talk about it. Hugely enjoyable and highly recommended. One of the best of 2014.

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