Publisher: Puffin Books

A deadly virus provides the mechanism for this intriguing time-slip novel. Seth and Eva’s lives couldn’t be more different: he is an elite Roman gladiator, honed to fight – and win - in the Londinium arena of AD 152, she an awkward, angry, geeky modern teenager who’s finally found somewhere she belongs in St Magdalene’s school, where the minimum IQ is 170.

But an injury leaves Seth lingering near death, haunted by his beloved Livia’s, murder, awaking in a bewildering, alien world. And Eva is fighting a doctor-baffling illness in intensive care, haunted by terrifying dreams. The sickness is outwardly the only thing that links them, but there is an intense, romantic attraction between them; why?

Engaging, convincing characters, fascinating historical detail and powerful emotion make this an absorbing read. 

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