Beetles for Breakfast

...And other weird and wonderful ways to save the planet

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

Climate change and global warming is a huge problem, but fortunately there are thousands of brainy scientists on the case, coming up with wacky but genius solutions for more sustainable food sources, types of energy, transport and buildings, new ways of farming, and other fabulous gadgets that will change our lives for the better.

Organised into easy-to-understand sections such as In the Park, On the Farm, In the Bathroom (yes – this does include inventions for ways to use poo as an energy source) and At the Breakfast Table, this utterly fabulous and uplifting book tells children all about the new inventions currently being worked on by scientists, from insects as a new food source to making fuel from fatbergs.

As well as being a positive read that will go a long way to reassure children who may be anxious about climate change and other environmental issues, Jisu Choi’s amazing, colourful and funky illustration makes Beetles for Breakfast a book you want to pick up as soon as you see the vibrant and cool front cover.

Although it’s a super colourful book with plenty of detail, the information is still organised well and is easy to read, and ideal for 8-9 year olds.

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