Because You'll Never Meet Me

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Publisher: Bloomsbury

Oliver lives like a hermit in the woods in America, unable to visit the local town, make friends or even watch television, all because of his illness - an allergy that is so extreme it would kill him if he did.

Moritz lives in Germany in a small apartment with his adoptive father. He has no friends and hates going to school. He is so different from those around him that he is treated with a combination of disgust and hatred.

Despite their differences, when these two boys start writing to each other an unbreakable bond is formed. They find a comfort and understanding in the letters that allows them to divulge their deepest secrets, something that is only possible with a stranger. And they will always be strangers, because if these two boys ever met, one of them would die.

This is an exceptional book, told through a series of letters, sent over several months. Oliver is outgoing and optimistic, despite his situation, while Moritz despises everything around him. Two completely contracting characters who are both utterly endearing. The story is fascinating and unexpectedly exciting, as the protagonists draw closer to the truth of their shared history. A fantastic debut novel. Highly recommended.

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