Be Plastic Clever

Publisher: DK

This book, written by Kids Against Plastic founders Amy and Ella Meek, explains everything we need to know about the problem of plastic, in full but digestible detail - for example, the difference between essential (ie medical) and avoidable plastics - and why recycling isn't enough. It also illustrates why bioplastics, which are often touted as eco-friendly, actually can't be recycled and don't really compost down.

The book offers some great solutions for young eco-conscious people trying to reduce their plastic use, and looks at the lives of great activists for inspiration - from Gandhi to the most famous environmental campaigner of her generation, Greta Thunberg. 

This is a well written and empowering book on how young people can make a difference. Even though there is a lot of information here for a young audience, the book is well designed and acccessible with lovely illustrations and engaging layouts. A much needed book for young people who want to get their facts right, and help them encourage the adults they know into living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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