Baby Play

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Publisher: Barefoot Books

Bounce and swing, clap and sing! Stack them tall and crash, they fall!

The babies in this lovely little board book are having lots of fun playing by themselves, with other babies and with their parents. Featuring a high-contrast, black-and-white photo of a diverse selection of families and babies on each double-page spread, this sturdy board book is perfect for sharing with babies, who respond well to black-and-white patterns and images.

Babies love looking at pictures of other babies too, so this well-designed book will definitely keep their attention, and the text has enough interest and interactive elements – peekaboo, clapping, splashing and waving – to make it useful in developing motor skills, bonding and play.

As babies get older, adults can use this book to talk to them about the babies and adults they can see in the book, asking them questions and making up stories about them. They can also relate the activities in the book to things that they do regularly at home, such as bath time, going to the swings and playing with friends.

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