Atlas of Amazing Architecture

The most incredible buildings you’ve (probably) never heard of

Publisher: Cicada Books

Innovative architecture from around the world and through the ages is explored in this colourful and absorbing picture book for junior readers. From homes and universities to museums and places of worship, every double page features a specific building or architectural style, and provides information about when, where, how and why each structure was built.

Discover Neolithic monuments from across Europe, constructed more than 7000 years ago and ranging from burial chambers to standing stones; marvel at Chand Baori, a spectacular well surrounded by 3500 steep steps, which was designed to provide access to drinking water and bathing for local people in the dry region of Rajasthan, India; and be inspired by the organic shapes and patchwork of colours that make up the innovative Hundertwasserhaus apartments, built in Austria in the 1980s.

Full-page, colourful illustrations are bursting with fascinating detail and provide an engaging backdrop to pockets of informative text. Ideal for any budding young architect, this interesting book would also be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in how people across the globe live.

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