Football School: Epic Heroes

Publisher: Walker Books

This collection of 50 real-life tales from around the world spans a period of more than 75 years and spotlights the remarkable achievements, both on and off the pitch, of a variety of football heroes.

Learn about the Lyon team who won fourteen consecutive French league titles; the Spanish midfielder who used her medical training to become an emergency doctor during the coronavirus pandemic; and the staunch Everton fan who wore swimming trunks to every match and raised thousands of pounds for charity.

Engaging and generously illustrated with humorous black-and-white cartoon-style illustrations, this accessible book is set out as a series of headline articles from four fictional footballing publications. Each story is up to four pages long, which enables readers to dip in and out of the book, building confidence and developing reading stamina. With a lengthy quiz and templates for readers to create their own news stories, this wonderful addition to the popular Football School series is interesting, inspiring and funny. It will delight young football fans and provide fascinating reading for those who are keen to discover more about the world of football.

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