Angel Dust

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Serafina is one of the brightest and most beloved of all God’s angels, until she is sent down to earth to collect the soul of Marcus Montague and deliver him to Hell. A handsome, arrogant and reckless young ‘gangsta’, Marcus’s life is completely alien to everything Serafina knows – and yet she instantly falls head over heels in love.

Serafina is willing to risk everything to save Marcus’s soul, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice. But the stakes are higher than she could ever have imagined, and soon she finds herself caught in the middle of a battle between Heaven and Hell. 

Sarah Mussi explores the powerful nature of first love and the consequences of the choices we make in this modern and unusual love story. The innocent angel Serafina makes for an interesting and compelling heroine, and the atmosphere of Marcus’s London – gritty, urban and dangerous – is particularly well-drawn. Angel Dust is an interesting and compelling take on the paranormal romance.

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