All Bodies Are Wonderful

Publisher: b small

Everything on our planet was once part of a star – even you. If this mind-blowing fact doesn’t pique a reader’s interest in the human body, surely nothing will!

Through joyous illustrations and a friendly, jargon-free voice, this book supports conversations about a wealth of body-related topics. Jaw-dropping concepts like being made of stardust may prompt a few questions, including some that might be challenging to navigate. Thankfully it also helps you answer them, succinctly, safely, sensibly and with the help of experts.

It explains the science – how human life begins with the single cell, using terms like atoms, molecules, zygotes and DNA in a way children will not just understand but find fascinating. It offers a useful starting point for discussing subjects like sex and gender, and how to challenge stereotypes and discrimination. There are clever practical ideas to change mindsets too, such as suggesting how we can all reframe ‘differences’ as ‘unique perfections’.

Bright bold artwork echoes these inclusive messages, showing children with conditions rarely seen in books, such as vitiligo and ectrodactyly.

A comprehensive non-fiction book reminding us that we shouldn’t just accept that everybody is different, but positively celebrate that fact.

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