The Great Big Body Book

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

How does the human body develop and change in a lifetime? To what extent are all our bodies alike? Should boys wear blue and girls pink? What happens when our bodies don't work properly or get old?

Hoffman and Asquith explore these questions and more as they build on their 'Big Book' series with this celebration of the human body. 

Their successful formula is honest, detailed and fact-filled, yet humorous, accessible and thought-provoking. The lively cast of characters is about as inclusive as you can get - hearing aids, glasses, birthmarks, walking frames, wheelchairs and sign language all appear in a flawlessly casual and convincing manner.

The book also touches subtly but positively on other facets of diversity, including transgender issues and same-sex parents. Meanwhile, Asquith's delightful cartoons and asides ensure plenty of laughs along the way.

The result is an extremely informative and thoroughly entertaining look at the human body, which also successfully reflects the world we live in.

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