Ajay and the Jaipur Moon

Publisher: Chicken House

Ajay and his friends have their own newspaper! But not enough people want to buy it, which means they can’t buy a proper printing press, which means not enough people buy it… So when a meteor crashes to earth somewhere in India, and there’s a large prize for those who find it, Ajay knows it has to be them. Billionaire Mrs Surya, CEO of WECU, will hand over not only the cash, but exclusive access to her secret space programme. Imagine having the inside story of the rocket blasting to the moon!

Soon Ajay, Saif, Vinod, Yasmin and Jai are travelling to Jaipur, determined to find the meteor and win the prize. But perhaps there is more to discover than they realise. Why is Mrs Surya so secretive? Who is the Man in the Grey Suit, who stole Saif’s engineering tools? And can they stop a terrible threat to every human on Earth?

This is full of action, with many twists and turns. There is also much to be discussed in class, for instance, the language used when talking about colonising the moon, plus altruism, capitalism and Doing the Right Thing. An excellent read.

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