The Boy Who Saved a Bear

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Publisher: Nosy Crow

Everyone in twelve-year-old Nuwan's village knows the terrifying stories about Karadi, the ferocious black bear who lives in the nearby forest. But after Nuwan accidentally gets hold of a legendary key whilst delivering books from the library, and is chased into the forest by scheming thieves who want it for themselves, he finds himself face to snout with her!

There are only a few days until the Key of Nissanka is supposed to be presented to the Queen of Serendib at a grand ceremony - and it's up to a boy and a bear to make the journey to the city to deliver the priceless artefact. But the road ahead is treacherous, especially with the thieves on the loose, and hunters looking for the bear. Can Nuwan get the key to the Queen in time, and save his new friend's life?

This breathtaking adventure from the author of The Girl Who Lost a Leopard is all about how we find common ground despite our differences, and the importance of standing up for those who don't have a voice. Nuwan is a funny, clumsy and kind character who builds a beautiful friendship with the wild bear - and Karadi in turn gives Nuwan the confidence to believe in himself. 

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