Publisher: Quercus

Iris has won her way into a professional surfing competition and finds herself in Miami, a long way from her home waves on Fistral Beach in Cornwall. Luckily she's travelling with her super-hot boyfriend and Hawaiian pro-surfer Zeke - what could possibly go wrong? But Iris finds that Zeke has some dark secrets under his beautiful surfer boy exterior, and now that she's far from home with just Zeke and his friends for company, it's not as easy to overlook them.

The second book in this unique British Young Adult surfer romance series is just as swoonworthy as the first, Blue, where we met feisty, athletic surfer Iris. Air continues Iris and Zeke's romance but delves deeper into the problems that the pressures of professional surfing and its celebrity lifestyle bring, alongside Zeke and Iris' deepening relationship.

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