Wing Jones

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Publisher: Walker Books

Wing has always felt overshadowed by her adored older brother, Marcus: he’s popular, he’s on the football team, and no-one ever makes fun of him for his Chinese-black mixed race heritage. Wing, on the other hand, feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere. But, when Marcus does something unforgivable, Wing’s life starts to change beyond all recognition.

A heart-warming, positive tale about family, identity and coming of age, Wing Jones does an excellent job of presenting a mixed-race heroine in a supportive and loving family, but one with its own complex stresses and differences.

The experience of being the sibling of a very successful brother is finely drawn, as is Wing’s blossoming first romance, which runs alongside her own development as an athlete, with sensitivity to the interplay of Wing being true to herself and coping with overwhelming new feelings.

Wing’s two matriarch grandmothers are especially wonderful and provide an extra, magical element to a well-rounded story about love, family and ambition.

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