Agent Moose

Publisher: Scholastic

Special Agent Moose (‘Anonymoose’) is probably the best (worst) secret agent out there. He’s an excellent master of disguise with a fondness for chocolate milk - shaken, not stirred, like all good spies - but he can sometimes find himself in sticky situations. Together with his wiser (more sensible) sidekick Owlfred, Agent Moose is on the case to find a missing witness. Woodland HQ has reported that a turtle has disappeared after another agent, Camo the Chameleon, solved his 100th case.

But all is not quite what it seems at the South Shore and the celebrated Agent Camo is acting rather shady… Whilst Camo holds a big party to celebrate his recent achievements, Agent Moose and Owlfred are on the hunt for clues. Can they find the missing turtle in time and can Agent Moose redeem himself after his last case went so badly wrong?

With a few missteps and hilarious disguises galore, the duo interview a cast of animal residents to solve the mystery. This brilliantly funny and accessible graphic novel stars quirky, likable characters and has just the right amount of witty spy humour to entertain and engage young readers.

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