After Tomorrow

(35 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Armageddon Monday was the day that five banks crashed simultaneously, changed everything.  Now there’s no food in the supermarkets, Matt's Mum is growing or bartering what they need to stay alive, and armed gangs are hunting down hoarders. After their house is raided twice, Mum decides enough is enough: her friend Bob can smuggle them to France, where life may be better.  But the plan goes wrong when Matt, his younger brother Taco and stepdad Justin are forced to leave Mum behind, and leave their home with nothing but their clothes - and Matt's bike. In France, they find themselves living in a refugee camp, with no home, no money and no Mum.

Determined and resourceful, Matt uses his bike-fixing skills to earn money and help his brother when he falls ill, making new friends and shedding unreliable ones. There is danger on all sides in this vivid, fast-moving and compellingly believable post-crash novel.

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