A Whisper of Horses

Publisher: Piccadilly

Lahn Dan is the only home Serendipity has ever known. In this capital, London landmarks are skewed and a dystopian government has separated classes into camps. Serendipity is promoted from her lowly work on the 'lotments' to a storytellers' assistant - but then the Ministry decide that orphaned children must return to what is essentially a workhouse.

When Serendipity finds her mother's locket, it starts her on a journey to rediscover real horses: legendary animals that no one has seen since the Gases destroyed the rest of the world. 

Serendipity follows her mother's map to Whales, in search of the animals that have fascinated her in their statue form around the capital.

Shades of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere colour this fantasy story for middle-grade readers. Alternate worlds, alternative friendships and unconventional families all come together in this lyrical adventure in search of hope and horses.

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