Adam Wins The Internet

Publisher: Bloomsbury

All Adam dreams of is being a famous YouTuber like his heroes – but with a broken old phone, no money and absolutely zero online presence, it looks like that dream isn’t coming true anytime soon. When he clicks on a weird-looking advert he meets Popularis Incrementum – an AI with the mysterious ability to skyrocket him to megastardom!

As Adam starts accumulating more and more subscribers to his new video channel, his popularity starts to get out of control. Suddenly he’s making big money off adverts, flying his mum and brother to Ibiza for amazing holidays, and putting on a live show at the London Arena – even the school bully wants to be his friend! But fame and fortune can’t last forever, and Adam finds himself in a race against time to remember what’s truly important.

Created by Blue Peter presenter and YouTube sensation Adam B, this is an ideal read for social media-obsessed children aged 8+ and a good reminder that the most important things in life aren’t always viewed through a screen.

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