ABC Mindful Me

Publisher: Walter Foster Jr

This inspiring ABC board book introduces mindfulness to young children. Each letter of the alphabet presents a mindful object, action or emotion  beginning with A for awareness of the beauty of the world around us.

Rhyming text guides the reader through the alphabet, exploring a variety of concepts: from energy, love and relaxation through to Zen, where the focus is on being at one with body and mind.

A fabulous book to share with children at home or in the classroom, ABC Mindful Me will help equip young ones with the skills to live in the moment, delight in their surroundings, and be kind, thoughtful and compassionate.

The brightly coloured illustrations are full of joy and provide plenty of talking points. At the end of the book is a simple explanation of mindfulness and its role in helping to find inner peace and happiness. There are also practical ideas of how to achieve this, such as meditation, mandala art, or creating a thankfulness tree by hanging messages of gratitude from the branches.

A perfect antidote to the sometimes hectic, noisy and overwhelming environment of modern life.

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