A Tricky Kind of Magic

Publisher: Hodder

Cooper is brilliant at all kinds of magic tricks. He learned from the best; his dad the Great Eduardo.

He still has his magic skills but no longer has Dad. He died suddenly a few weeks ago and Cooper, Mum and little brother Fin are lost without him. So, when a talking rabbit appears from dad’s top hat and says he knows a place where Cooper might see Dad again, he jumps at the chance.

But in the land where magic goes wrong, nothing is quite what it seems and Cooper finds less, and much more, than he was expecting.

This action-packed, black and white graphic novel is witty, original and dynamic with a unique take on grief, and learning to find the magic in life after the loss of a loved one.

Despite the serious subject matter, Cooper’s story is engaging and exciting so fans of graphic novels will enjoy his adventure. Reluctant readers might also be fans as the energetic, expressive illustrations move the action along without having to work through too much text.

There is so much emotion and warmheartedness packed into this book that most readers aged 9+ will find it a rewarding read.

Mae Cooper yn wych ar bob math o driciau hud. Fe ddysgodd gan y gorau: sef Great Eduardo, ei dad.

Fodd bynnag, efallai fod Cooper wedi etifeddu sgiliau hud ei dad ond bu farw ei dad yn sydyn ychydig wythnosau’n ôl ac mae Cooper, Mam a’r brawd bach Fin ar goll hebddo. Felly pan mae cwningen sy’n siarad yn dod allan o un o hetiau silc ei dad ac yn dweud ei fod yn gwybod am le y gallai o bosibl weld ei dad eto, mae’n neidio ar y cyfle.

Mae’r nofel llawn antur graffig hon mewn du a gwyn yn ffraeth, gwreiddiol a deinamig gyda golwg unigryw ar alar a dysgu dod o hyd i hud bywyd ar ôl colli rhywun annwyl.


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