A Tale of Two Dragons

Publisher: Andersen Press

Two wealthy kingdoms stand back-to-back, separated by a tall, thorny hedge: while Arbor boasts lush green forests, fruit and birds, Pomosa has rich farmland, crops and cows. However, the people of Pomosa cannot cook without firewood, and the residents of Arbor cannot bake without wheat. If only the two cities shared their resources, all would be well, but the proud kings will not hear of it, so each night, the children sneak into the neighbouring territory to steal what their families need.

Determined to stop the pilfering, each king acquires a formidable dragon to patrol their grounds, but once again, this leaves Pomosa without firewood and Arbor without bread and milk. The kings order the dragons into battle, declaring that the winner will rule over both kingdoms and end the hardships, but the people are horrified that their beloved dragons will be hurt.

This story carries a poignant message for modern times, beautifully packaged as a classic fairy tale. Children will understand that sharing what you have with others is far more enjoyable and productive than being at war. The intricate watercolour illustrations have much to explore, with the graceful dragons as the stars of the show.

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