A Little Monster’s Guide to Positivity

Publisher: Vie Books

Fluff is a little monster but sometimes, their emotions get in the way of having fun. They don’t always feel that they are good enough, and sometimes they find tasks intimidating and feel like they can’t do them.

In fact, Fluff has a secret: they are super nervous about the fact that they can’t BOO very well, which is essential at Spooking Day. How will they manage to BOO like everyone else?

Fortunately, Fluff’s friends and family have lots of tips for making Fluff feel more positive about their abilities, including techniques such as breathing, going out in nature, making a gratitude list and lots more – meaning that Fluff will soon become a champion BOO-er, and a more positive and confident monster overall!

This charming picture book from Emily Snape has a simple and reassuring tone for little ones who may also feel anxious about new tasks or not feel very confident in themselves.  It’s practical too with lots of easy and effective activities for parents and carers to try with children.

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