A Little Dose of Nature

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Publishers

Did you know that plants give off chemicals that when we breathe them in help our bodies fight diseases, lower stress and sleep better? This joyful book shares many ways that nature - and the very act of being in nature - can make humans happier and more energised. Focusing on the five senses, as well as mindfulness, there are many suggestions for simple activities that focus on being in the moment. Listening to the sounds of nature, for instance, or creating a beautiful leaf mandala. Or even challenging your family members to guess the smell! Is it a pine cone, a flower, a herb?

The balance between facts and activities is perfect for young children, and the activities range from being still and mindful when looking at the stars to getting stuck into making mud pies. There’s something for everyone and their differing ages and energy levels.

Written by a psychologist who has studied the health benefits of being in nature, this is a charming book to share, and to take out and about with you. The colour illustrations are warm and inclusive, depicting a variety of children having fun outside. Plus this book is printed on 100% recycled paper, in the UK, so the carbon footprint is very low. It’s a planet-friendly book all round!

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