A Lark in the Ark

A Loopy Lift the Flap Book

Publisher: Farshore

All the animals are in the ark – but they’re bored. 'Let’s play hide and seek' suggests Noah, he knows their usual hiding places, so the animals cheekily pick the one place they’re FORBIDDEN – Noah’s bedroom.

When he opens the door, there’s not a beast in sight - but there’s wriggling under bedclothes, whispering in wardrobes, and snuffling behind the dressing table.

'We’re sorry... we didn’t mean any harm,' the animals apologise; luckily, Noah’s laughing so much he’s crying and declares it’s party time!

This exuberant, 'loopy lift-the-flap book' truly rollicks. It is filled with humour, colourful detailed illustrations and silly rhymes – 'Bears in flares and wombats in combats' was a particular favourite!

A delightful out-take on the Noah story – and a real lark!

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