A Kid in my Class

Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

This brilliant little book is the perfect addition to any classroom library; a book of clever poems picking out some of the many personalities that pupils will find sitting next to them in assemblies, lunch queues and in the playgrounds.

Rachel Rooney’s poems are easy to read with bouncy rhymes and clever forms. They make poetry accessible, relatable and, most importantly, fun. From the first one there in the morning, to the classroom hamster, with all the copycats, jokers, tough kids, drama queens and prefects in-between, children will love spotting the kids in their class and maybe get a glimpse of themselves, too.

As well as witty words, this book is crammed with imaginative illustration from class-act and former Children's Laureate Chris Riddell. A master of expressive faces and marvellous monsters, Riddell puts a beautiful pencil portrait with each picture, as well as a stunning inked illustration that reveals more. The pictures will start as many conversations as the poems.

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