A Fox Called Herbert

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Andersen Press

Herbert the rabbit loves foxes and does everything he can to become more fox-like. Mummy laughs when he makes himself a pair of pointy red fox ears. However, she is cross when Herbert asks his little sister to paint him red, as they make a dreadful mess, and she’s furious when he fashions a bushy fox tail from her favourite dress. His mother cannot understand why he won’t be a good rabbit, but Herbert doesn’t want to be a rabbit – he wants to be a fox!

This is a charming picture book about identity and acceptance. The colourful illustrations are full of warmth, personality and gentle humour, adding another layer of depth to the tale. Children will enjoy using the visual clues to help them predict what is going to happen next. The expressions and body language of the characters enable readers to recognise a range of different emotions, which should help them to develop skills of empathy and emotional awareness.

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