A Boy Called Hope

(35 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Usborne

Dan Hope is 11 years old. His dad left his family when he was little. One day, after arguing with Dan's mother, his dad walked out the door and never came back. Dan is starting to feel his dad's absence more and more. His best friend Jo, who is crazy about saints, and his new-found friend Christopher, expert at Taekwondo, help him get through his sorrow over his dad, and find a way to accept his mum's new boyfriend into his life. And through all this he has his annoying older sister to worry about as well.

A Boy Called Hope is a moving story about a boy's search for his dad. Dan is a funny and likeable boy who tackles the questions he has in his life head on. His determination to find answers is inspiring and will make the reader laugh as well as cry. Dan never gives up hope and always finds new ways to tackle the challenges he faces - whether it's trying to find his dad or mend his friendships.

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