24 Hours in the Stone Age

Publisher: Usborne

Set in Northern Europe around 18,000 years ago, this fascinating information book explores a day in the life of a typical Stone-Age child. Auri lives with her extended family in a cave, which shelters them from bad weather, provides protection from dangerous animals and is close to the river, where they gather fresh water and food.

Readers will learn key skills alongside Auri, as her dad shows her how to make and set a fish trap, while Grandpa demonstrates how to fashion a sharp spear from sticks and flint. She explains how to track animals by looking for footprints, nibbled plants and droppings, and make fire using a few simple handmade tools.

This fictional account of a Stone-Age family enables young readers to imagine what life may have been like for a child of their age. The comic strip illustrations are colourful, humorous and informative, and are accompanied by speech bubbles and snippets of interesting text. Featuring a contents page, glossary and index, this is an ideal resource for key stage two pupils studying the Stone Age. It would also appeal to any child with an interest in how people used to live.

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