100 Things to Know About Saving the Planet

Publisher: Usborne

An excellent introduction to the environmental problems facing us and our planet today.

After a brief overview on why the planet needs saving in the first place, the book focuses on what can and is being done to tackle these challenges, from small everyday changes that anyone can take to big, international missions.

There’s a lot to unpack here, from general approaches, like reducing plastic pollution and protecting ecosystems, to the innovative ideas being actioned to help with those things, e.g. robots that help reduce weed killer usage, edible spoons, rewilding and bee sanctuaries. Terminology and the science behind the harmful things we’re doing are touched on, such as carbon and water footprints, along with how scientists are gathering the data we need to help us make the right decisions.

All this is presented in bite-size infographic-style nuggets, making it an achievable, dip-in read rather than being overwhelming. It’s frank and up-front, showing there’s no single easy solution, but also that everyone really can make a difference through their own actions. And it’s hopeful: significant changes have been achieved in the past (e.g. banning CFCs), so they can be achieved in the future if we fight hard enough for them.

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