Unseen Worlds

Publisher: What on Earth Books

Meet the microscopic creatures living in your mattress and the miniature mites that are feasting on your skin in this extraordinary glimpse into the unseen worlds all around us.

This fascinating book shows us hair-raising illustrations that zoom into the depths of the beach, the ocean, the forest and even our own houses to reveal the busy world of ticks, mites and other little creatures that live there.

With gatefold pages that detail the creatures in each scene, brightly coloured illustrations that show the microscopic scale and a clear text that is easy to read, this is a great book to dip in and out of, if you aren’t too squeamish!

Extra text at the back explains how microscopes work and gives a brief history of their use, plus there is further information on how the micro-organisms are classified and a useful glossary of some of the main words used.

This well-designed book with its attractive illustrations makes a yucky topic look quite lovely and the brief, simple text keeps it accessible and interesting to even younger budding scientists.

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