100 Steps for Science: Why It Works and How It Happened

Publisher: Wide Eyed

This book plunges the reader into humankind's ten biggest discoveries - such as wheels, numbers and atoms - and covers a vast range of subjects.

It's hugely ambitious and a good browsing book for keen young minds who want a sweeping look at history's pioneers and breakthroughs. There are also hints at future problems to solve, such as conservation and pollution.

The illustrations are vibrant and eye-popping, full of little dots that seem to mimic the molecules around us. However, there are a couple of issues with the design and layout. Sometimes the use of colour makes the text hard to read. The text can also fall a little flat -  perhaps due to the sheer volume of facts on each page, without much narrative.

Nevertheless, the book's optimistic, upbeat look at what science can achieve is sure to inspire children already fascinated by figuring out how things work.

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