Reading tips

Sharing books with children is so important, but we know that not everyone feels confident about reading aloud.

That's why we've put together some helpful hints about sharing books, including filmed examples of reading to children and advice on what makes a good storyteller.

You can also find tips for engaging reluctant readers and encouraging older children to read.

In this section

How to read with your child

Get tips and advice on reading with children and babies.

How to read aloud well

Reading Fairy's Emily Guille-Marrett shares some brilliant tips for reading aloud to children.

Examples of how to read with your child

Watch our videos for examples of the best ways to read with your children.

Encouraging older children to read

Read our tips and tricks aimed at encouraging older children to keep reading for pleasure.

What makes a good storyteller?

Top tips and advice to parents and carers to make sure storytime with your child is an enjoyable, fun part of the day.

Tips for reluctant readers

Author Jeff Norton reveals his top tips to get children reading.

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