BookTrust Christmas Appeal: “Now, whenever my daughter sees the book on the shelf, she wants it”

Published on: 05 December 2023

While using her local food bank, the Arc Centre in Islington, Maria* received a book parcel through BookTrust’s Christmas appeal. She shares how much it means to her and her daughter.  

“When you come to the food bank and find books here, it feels like a surprise. It’s like somebody gave you flowers. 

The first time we came here, it was our first Christmas in the UK by ourselves – just me and my daughter 

“I saw people here taking the books home with them. Even though not everyone may have a passion for reading, if they get a book here, there’s an opportunity for their child to open it and enjoy it. That book could become that child’s favourite book. 

“I remember taking the book home with me – it was so heavy!My daughter and I sat on the floor, just looking through it together. 

Now, whenever she sees the book on the shelf, she always wants it! 

“The pages have lots of shiny golden illustrations. She likes to touch them. It means we sit with the book for even longer.” 

“The book we received from BookTrust was The Gruffalo. Nobody told me about this story! I work in a nursery, and people were talking about The Gruffalo. I didn't know anything about it, probably because it's a story from the UK 

Now, I know the story, and I can pass it on to my daughter. She won’t grow up without knowing what The Gruffalo is,because she has the book at home.” 

“I hope that books can be a good escape for my daughter, and a way of learning. I was always able to dream big, to put myself in another dimension through the things I read. 

Reading always gave me something to focus on. I think it can be the same for her.  

Reading can become a way for her to access creativity and freedom. 

*Names have been changed.

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